Meagan x MM (Arbo x VRG) 1 30+ $9.00 + GST for Australian Customers
Gymnopilus junonius Print. $30.00 + GST for Australian Customers

 The 2023 Mutt Pack is a collection of the finest seeds produced in the Cactilicious and Co Gardens from October to March – Season 2023.

Fats, Mutts and Colours hand pollinated on Peramangk Land in South Australia.

Each 2023 Mutt Pack contains 116 hybrids. Generously packed with 30+ seeds of each hybrid, individually labeled seed bags with exciting gift seeds and extras.

Payment Plans are available if you choose not to use Afterpay, please go to the contact page and send a form to organise your payment plan.

Some hybrids will only be available in the 2023 Mutt Pack and not for individual sale.

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$900.00 + GST for Australian Customers

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The Mutt Pack 2023




JH x RG-1 Long Spine Chiloensis

JH x Zelly 12

JH x (Arbo x VRG) 10

JH x JL 11

JH x Pinky Red

SASS 1 x (Arbo x VRG) 1 MM


SASS 1 x Delta

SASS 1 x Hulk

Chub OP

CC Ters Val x Scop 3

JP 40 OP

Dawsons Pasacana x Yowie

Dawsons Pasacana x Zelly 5

Gill x Mexican

Mexican x Gill

Bensons x Santa Fe

Bensons x Whiora

Snake OP

Tarj OP

Xmas Chilo OP






Race Scop 1 x Race Scop 2

Race Scop 2 x Race Scop 1

Race Scop 1 x Dawsons Pasacana

Race Scop 1 x Riverland Pachanoi

Helon x Dawsons 1

Helon x (Arbo x VRG) MM 1

Helon x (Arbo x VRG) TSP

MSS x Super Pedro

MSS x Hulk

MSS x Delta

MSS x (Arbo x VRG) TSP

MSS x (Spach x Red Grandi)

MSS x Possum Scop

Super Pedro Op x Hulk

Goliath x Nursery

Goliath x Capital Cactus 2

Han Pach x Capital Cactus 2

(Whiora x Pach) x Watermelon

Riverland Pachanoi x Psychoo

Hulk x Pink Scop

Hulk x KK339

Hulk x Zelly 12

Hulk x Zelly 1

Hulk x Zelly 2

Yowie x Possum Scop

Yowie x Delta

Yowie OP

Possum Scop x CC Peru

Possum Scop x MSS

Possum Scop x Psycho0 OP

Fields Pach OP x Helon

Fields Pach OP x Collectors Corner Peru

(Pach x Pscyho0) x Yowie

(Psycho0 x Pach) x Clockwork Orange

Collectors Corner Peru x Yowie

Collectors Corner Peru x (Pach x Psycho0)

(Psycho0 x Norma) x Sausage

Gawler Peru x Christies Peru

Gawler Peru x Zelly 2

Gawler Peru x Dawsons Pasacana

Gawler Peru x Scop 3

Gawler Peru x PC

Peru Jac 006 x Tarjensis

Capital Cactus 2 x Dawsons Pasacana

Capital Cactus 2 x Christies Peru

Capital Cactus 2 x Nursery

Christies Peru x Zelly 2

Christies Peru x Zelly 8

Adelaide Macro x Dawsons Pasacana

SP x Delta

Delta x (Arbo x Zelly)


SP OP x (Juuls x Scop)

Karta OP



Flying Saucer x Yellow Huascha

Flying Saucer x Big Pink

Flying Saucer x Best Arbo

Flying Saucer OP

(FS x LP) x (Gx 2)

Super Nova x (Arbo x VRG) MM 1

Super Nova x (Tall White Grandi x VRG)

Super Nova x Gladiatus

Super Nova x (FS x LP) 4

Super Nova x Shaferii

Super Nova x G-ice

Purpureopilosus x Flying Saucer

Purpureopilosus x Shooting Stars

Best (Arbo x VRG) x Flying Saucer

Red # 1 x Flying Saucer

Orange Grandi x RG-1 Long Spine Chiloensis

Orange Grandi x Cleistocactus Strausii

Orange Grandi x Lobivia Luzna

Orange Grandi x Pilocereus

Orange Grandi x Red Bruchii

Zelly 1 x Race Scop

Zelly 1 x Tarjensis

Zelly 2 x Zelly 9

Zelly 2 x Race Scop

Zelly 5 x Dawsons Pasacana

Zelly 5 x Zelly 12

Zelly 5 x (Juuls x Scop)

Zelly 8 x Zelly 11

Zelly 9 x Best Red

Zelly 10 x Race Scop 2

Zelly 11 x Race Scop 2

Zelly 12 x BWC

Zelly 12 x Magenta Lobivia

Zelly 12 OP

Zelly 12 x Zelly 13b

Zelly 13b OP

Pinky Red x Thelogonis

Pinky Red x Soehrensia Formosa

Pinky Red x Bensons Chiloensis

TSP Grandi x RG-1 Long Spine Chiloensis

Clockwork Orange x Dawsons Pasacana

Best Red x Seed Grown Tarjensis

Best Red x Ruby

Best Red x Roy Price Lobivia

American Beauty x Zelly 8

American Beauty x Zelly 12

American Beauty x (Arbo x VRG) 6

American Beauty x Red Crest

Yellow Poco x Amazeballs

Yellow Poco x Red Crest

Agent Orange x Matt 14 096

Shooting Stars x Pink Schick

(Arbo x Zelly 11) x (Arbo x VRG) 1

(Arbo x VRG) 11 x (Arbo x VRG) MM 1

Arbo x VRG Mix OP

(Arbo x Zelly 11) x JH

Eccy OP

Mauve Eccy

Abbies Orange x JH

G12 x (Purp x Pink Schick)

German OP

German 3 OP

Yellow German OP

Meagan x Pink Schick

Apricot CC x Super Nova

CC Apricot OP

Apricot (Arbo x VRG) x Xmas Chilo

Pink Huasca OP

Abbies Orange x John Hall



Gladiatus x Zelly 10

Gladiatus OP

Lampochlorous x Clockwork Orange

Lampochlorous x (Arbo x VRG) 13

BWC x (Arbo x VRG) 4

BWC x (Arbo x VRG) 7

BWC x LM Soehrensia

LM Soehrensia x Amazeballs


















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