A Growers Commitment To Anthropophily Pollination

Anthropophily – pollination performed by humans.

The process of cactus flower hand pollination, cactus fruit harvesting and cactus seed cleaning is very involved and rewarding……


Observing flower opening times and with knowledge of the plants I grow – I cover each cactus flower before it opens to stop insects/birds removing the flowers’ pollen and to prevent each flower from being pollinated by insects and birds.

Flower covering times and pollen collection differ from plant to plant.
Once fully open and ready I uncover each flower and collect the flowers’ pollen, I then pollinate each flower and recover the flower and label the pollination.

When a successful hand pollination has occurred a cactus fruit begins to form at the base of the dying flower.
Fruit ripening times differ from plant to plant and from season to season.

Once a cactus fruit is ripe and mature it usually colours up and splits open letting the breeder know the seeds are ripe and it’s time to harvest the cacti fruit.


Making many hundreds of cacti hybrids each season takes a lot of commitment, organisation and dedication.

Relying on the plants ability to produce stunning viable flowers – the season and the temperatures…….. all influence the end results.

The only constant is the pollinators dedication to the process of select hybrid hand pollination – Anthropophily.

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